The Awatere Valley.

A dramatic southern pocket of Marlborough, pushed up out of the ocean by seismic activity, and carved out by ancient glaciers.
Our mountain Tapuae-o-Uenuku looms over us from the west, feeding the relentless Awatere River as it scours a
path through the heart of the Valley to the Pacific Ocean, sculpting boulders and leaving deep, rocky banks in its wake.

Stonier ⏤

Our vines plunge their roots deep and wide in their flinty, unforgiving beds,
building flavour, intensity and minerality.

Drier ⏤

Depleted of moisture by the Richmond Ranges, the Wither Hills and the Vernon Range,
the Awatere Valley forces vines to prioritse fruit over foliage and quality over quantity.

Cooler ⏤

A long, slow ripening season delivers elegance and layers of character.

& Windier.

Persistent winds mean lower yields and thicker skins
– and more structured, textural, concentrated wines.

Than Marlborough's main Wairau Valley,

the Awatere Valley’s terroir conspires to produce distinctive, complex, intriguing wines.